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Binks AA1600M Air Assisted Airless Spray Gun

The Binks Air Assist Airless spray guns are designed to maximize quality, increase production, reduce downtime, and be environmentally responsible, while providing the fit and feel that operators demand.

Air Assist Airless provides fast application of materials, a soft spray that reduces overspray, and the ability to penetrate into recesses and cavities. This is especially important in the wood industry where intricate shapes require a fine finish. The pattern is formed by the spray tip and air is used to eliminate tails and adjust the shape.

The AA1600 improves fan pattern adjustment for hard-to-reach areas and reduces build-up of acid catalyzed coatings. These features are particularly beneficial in the wood finishing industries, such as cabinet shops and furniture manufacturers, where recessed and hard-to-reach spaces require special attention to attain an even and thorough finish.

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