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Binks MX airless sprayers

Binks MX pumps operate at 70:1, 60:1, 42:1 and 35:1 ratio’s delivering up to 11.4 or 13.2 litres per minute output at 60 cycles (max). They are fitted with self adjusting spring loaded packing’s to extend their working life and reduce the need for costly maintenance and downtime.

The MX pump's piston rods are Ceramic-Coated which lasts up to 3 times longer than hard chrome, further extending the pump working life cycle. The fluid sections and all wetted parts are constructed from high grade carbon or stainless steel with tungsten carbide seats for durability and paint compatibility.

MX Cart and Wall outfits include a Stainless Steel fluid filter, air filter/regulator controls and suction wand as standard.

5 Year pump warranty on materials and workmanship

Typical Applications

  • Corrosion protection applications
  • Large steel fabrications and structures
  • Gas and Oil installations
  • Marine and Ship Building
  • Skips and Dumpsters
  • Off Road Vehicles
  • Truck/Bus/Trailer and Chassis makers
  • Plus many others...

Suitable for these paint materials

  • Solvent OR Waterborne coatings
  • Zinc rich primers and paints
  • Cold Tar Epoxies
  • Heavily bodies Urethanes
  • Enamels and Polyurethane’s
  • Plus many others...