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Devilbiss compact Mini

The Compact MINI incorporates sensitive fan control into the comfort of a full-size gun. This gun has the pattern range and versatility needed for top quality fine finishing, including touch-up applications.

A fine finish spray gun with many practical uses throughout general industry, ergonomically styled for comfort.

  • Choice of HVLP or Trans-Tech Compliant air caps provide superior atomization of both solvent and water based materials
  • Stainless steel fluid tips and needles
  • Balanced air valve design for lighter trigger pull and improved air flow
  • Lightweight, strong, forged aluminium gun body
  • A quality screw top anti-static gravity feed cup with 125 mls. capacity
  • Optional semi-disposable or disposable cups are available


This Compact MINI spray gun is a professional quality gun designed with both high volume, low pressure (HVLP) technology or Trans-Tech technology.  HVLP technology reduces overspray and limits air cap pressure to .07 bar (10 psi) and complies with SCAQMD regulations.  

The Compact MINI incorporate sensitive fan control into the comfort of a full-size gun.  The "Green" compact gun utilizes the very latest advances in computational fluid dynamics.  This results in superior atomziaiton with the new DeVilbiss TRANS-fer TECHnology.

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