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Low Pressure Fluid Regulators

Manual and air-operated fluid regulators for a balanced fluid system

For a balanced fluid system, pressure control is essential. Graco provides a wide selection of fluid pressure regulators. Together, these controls keep your system functioning more productively by providing rugged, precise pressure regulation.

Low Pressure Corrosion Resistant Fluid Pressure Regulator 

  • Stainless steel wetted materials are compatible with catalyst and waterborne materials 
  • Manual or air operated 
  • Low-shear model (222115) 
  • Tungsten and Carbide materials to resist wear 
  • PTFE/Elastomer hybrid diaphragm withstands wear and maintains responsiveness
  • 3/8”(f) inlet and outlet 

Low Pressure Composite Pressure Regulator 

  • Acetal Composite Material 
  • Compatible with waterborne materials 
  • Manual or air operated 
  • SST seat and carbide ball 
  • PTFE diaphragm 
  • Low pressure only 
  • 1/4”(f) inlet and outlet 

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