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Designed with electroplated surfaces that prevent debris build-up and keep your operation free of contaminants, Graco pressure pots are precision welded and surfaced. The siphon tube and bottom outlet of the pressure pot allow for different feed methods, and the liners make clean up easy and mess free. They also meet our stringent internal requirements that exceed industry standards such as ASME and FM

​Fluid Supply Systems for Air Spray or Feeding Other Equipment: They provide pulse-free, ultra-precise fluid delivery at low pressures and flow rates that are not reliably attained with pumps and other equipment. This is ideal for customers that demand reliable, affordable and easy fluid delivery. Sealed Reservoir for Moisture Sensitive or Corrosive Materials: Store your catalyst and other moisture sensitive materials in our sealed pressure tanks to protect material consistency. Pressure tanks are ideal for supplying 2K proportioners with resin or catalyst to ensure an effective and consistent sealing surface for your finishing operation. Vacuum Tank: When you need to remove entrapped air from material for precision mixing, Graco pressure tanks provide a great degassing option to eliminate foam from your material to reduce surface defects and pitting.

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