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mini 0.9 cuft blast machines

The Schmidt® M-Series blasters add flexibility to your blasting operation. These multi-media units can be used with a wider range of abrasive media than standard blasters, including sodium bicarbonate, aluminum oxide, plastic, glass beads, crushed glass and even steel grit. Use a single system for all your jobs—from cleaning surface grease and oil to stripping rust or paint. The M-Series can achieve the surface profile you need because you have the ability to use the abrasive best suited for the job.

The key to these multi-tasking systems is in the precision controls. A pressure regulator reduces blast pressure when working with delicate objects. Full port bypass allows work on tougher applications, while differential pressure control provides consistent media flow when blasting with lightweight abrasives. Other features including a media vibrator and the built-in efficiency of the Schmidt 90-degree cone bottom to assist with smooth flow of nearly any type ofabrasive. Combined with the Thompson Valve II metering valve and G2 deadman control, the M-Series are designed to tackle a wide range of applications in a single system.