Founded in 2007, PMC has become a leader in spray foam equipment.  Many of the members stem from the Gusmer tree and are very knowledgeable on the equipment and spray foam business in general.  Air Equipment sells and services PMC's hydraulic polyurea and polyurethane proportioners.

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Air Equipment and Repair sells and services Spray Foam equipment manufactured by Graco and PMC.  Both are top of the line and leaders in the Spray Foam industry.  As with all of our equipment, our spray foam guns have available training, repair and warranty service, and are sold at a fair price.

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Over the years, Graco has become the most well known name in the Spray Foam industry.  Having acquired Gusmer and Glascraft, Graco has a plethora of equipment with a team of engineers who work to perfect each piece of machinery.  Air Equipment has worked closely with Graco for many years.  We sell and service all of their spray foam guns.